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Elegant Technology began life as an examination of the economic calamities of the early 1980s. In the developing world, the disasters included sovereign default and currency panics. In the American Midwest, it resulted in the destruction of small and medium farm-based agriculture and the Rust Belt. Just as tragic as the destruction was the end of meaningful technological progress. Ronald Reagan had Jimmy Carter’s solar panels removed from the White House roof and the emerging “green” technologies became just another victim of the new economic order.

ET in FinnishBy 1987, this inquiry had resulted in a book-length manuscript. One copy was sent to a University professor in Finland who was asked for comment. He had been chosen because author knew he was damn smart and less subject to the relentless economic propaganda of the English-speaking world. This professor got excited and found the book a publisher. And so Elegant Technology was first published in Finnish (1989).

Back in USA, Elegant Technology would be published in late 1992 and introduced to the world at a forum for Institutional economists meeting at the American Economics Association conference in Anaheim, January 1993.

Very little has changed economically in the past 25 years. The same crazy economic ideas that made new green technologies impossible in 1983 make it even more impossible in 2008. Updates to the ideas of Elegant Technology are found elsewhere on the site. But the book is the original “software.”


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