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Elegant Technology
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Creating Prosperity:
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JAL speaks

The link between the
custom-fit chair and the book "Elegant Technology"

These videos decribe how a specific invention leads to a wider theoretical construct.

The lessons of the chair (6.6 mb)
Elegant Technology (7.8 mb)



Energy for Everyone

This ten-part series originally aired on WCCO Television as part of their commitment to science education.


Linked to this site:

Chapter One:
Introduction--from where does energy come? (5.3 mb)


Chapter Four:
Hydrocarbon Kids--how do we use so much fossil fuel? (5.4 mb)



Veblen as a member of a Norwegian pioneer settlement

MP4 movie. 31.3 megs. 12:33 running time.

A recounting of the lessons learned from the restoration as told to the Valley Grove Preservation Society Jun 2001. Valley Grove is where Thorstein's parents are buried and was a cultural center of the immigrant community. Brother Orson was the general contractor for the wooden church on the site.

Chapter Three animated illustration


Chapter Three
Are Producers a Class?

What is the proper way to define a class?

First, prove the existence of a group with boundaries;

Second, explain what the members of the group have in common.

The features of cultural commonalty will be explained in chapter four, but first there is this little problem of showing that producers constitute a class.

Class analysis is often based on income, but because a producer-predator analysis postulates that there are rich and poor members of producers and predators, the difference is fundamental yet esoteric.

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