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Elegant Technology
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Elegant Technology FAQ

What is
Elegant Technology?


Simple Definition:

Elegant Technology is the tools, methods, and institutions necessary to create a sustainable society.

Basic assumptions of
Elegant Technology

(what do we need?)

  • 1) Technology is driven by social and cultural clues.
  • 2) Current technology is destroying the biosphere.
  • 3) Going backward in history is impossible--especially in a technological sense.
  • 4) Humanity needs new, dynamic, elegant technologies and social organization if civilizations are to survive.

Important Note
(why don't we have it?)


Elegant Technology  is very much about the subject of economics and political economy. Why? Because without money and supportive social institutions, Elegant Technology is just an idle dream.

A More Advanced Definition of Elegant Technology

based on the
description of project

written for the publisher and editor of
"Elegant Technology"

(what can be done?)


Elegant Technology takes as its most fundamental premise that the industrial revolution is irreversible because industrialization is simply a strategy for organizing necessary work. We cannot go backward to the Garden of Eden in spite of all hope.

Necessary though it may be, industrialization has an internal contradiction--environmental destruction. Because industrialization cannot nor will not disappear, the only possible solution lies in resolving this contradiction by inventing and building a new environmentally-sound industrial state. In this book, the hardware of the new industrial order is called "elegant technology," while the social, political, and economic software is called "industrial-environmentalism."

Elegant Technology addresses both aspects of the new industrial order and seeks to answer the following questions:

  • Why have we missed this most obvious answer to our industrial-based economic dilemmas?
  • How must economic and social thinking change so that a conversion to industrial-environmental society is possible?
  • What would the new society look like based on existing technological possibilities?

For an even
more advanced
definition of
Elegant Technology


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